Monday, June 2, 2014

Student's Guide to the Best School Year to Date

It ain't always all about the grades, and the company you make, it is most of the time how you see things that makes a difference. Now I know that Changes, even how slow you go are still changes that you may still need to consciously think about before you do, however, without trying also leave us stuck to where we start before. Let's begin one baby step at a time. I mean 1 month at a time. There's actually nothing specific you are required to do, just that whatever you do in that whole month was to move towards your mantra. Let's try?

1. High Aspirations, Less Expectations

When you think about it, when you work for something you aspire for, there is no pressure, you could always work at your own pace. Remember: Dreams are just dreams until you go for it. So set it high, so high that you can see yourself there. For my case, I've always wanted to be a doctor, and I have always seen myself with a stethoscope around my neck in a white laboratory gown in my own clinic with my patients feeling all relieved. If you dream that vivid and you work it. You have it. Now I'm on my way to living the dream.

The equally important part is to lessen your expectation. I can't take that part all away, expectations will always be a part of us. especially when we worked so much for something and it doesn't end up the way we wanted it to. Its okay to expect that much, after all you did your best but when you eliminate the part wherein you expect that people will see things the way you do, you'll just get disappointed and instead of working to better yourself, you start giving up and that's not what we want, do we? So if you get a perfect score and you're expecting an iPhone, well maybe think lesser. A new pair of shoes probably (nothing fancy nor too expensive!) what's important is what you think of yourself. Did along the way, you learned something new? did you have the time of your life doing it? did you gain experience? if yes, that more than good enough. and more than the feeling of having an iPhone you'll lose interest in less than 2 months!

2. Shift in Indifference

By the time the month is almost over, you are already doing things unconsciously and its also the best time to start another hobby. 

this may sound vague. but I will try my hardest. When I say Shift in Indifference means choosing the person, the things and the events to ignore. So the girl beside you in Math class keep targeting you with her mean jokes, show you couldn't care less. try not to wince honey, that's part of being indifferent too. Or if your best friend is now using the bag you've been saving for, tell them you liked it and that should do, no need to tear up and be all sarcastic with it. be civil and sport about it. Or there's this big party where everyone just get drunk and everyone's super hyped. listen, maybe get hyped a LITTLE but nothing more. 


Shift in Indifference also means choosing where to invest your energy best. The girl in math class, the schoolbag you really liked or that party, wasn't worth your time and effort and emotions because for all you know there's a guy in History class that just couldn't take his eyes off you or this bag that's just waiting for you to be found in such a sell price and what are the chances that this party is lame and boring? I know this may sound off like you're trying to be cool. well it kind of is but if it makes other tick off YOU know best whether they deserve your energy. 

3. Taking Control. Again.

It also says being able to say NO. Don't let people boss you into something you know you can't do. your hands are full with all the school work already piled up, not to mention the upcoming quizzes, and honestly, by this time you barely got time to spend with your family, so saying NO to your crush when he/she told you to "help" in his/her project, say NO. if you can't handle it anymore, say NO, if there's too much on your plate already, and taking another project to amped up your already very amped grades, say NO. I think I made my point, but just in case, you still have a a hard time saying NO this and this will definitely help. 

4. Extra Mile. Smize.

When I went for an internship in one private hospital, and we had this mini lecture on our whereabout before we actually start to work, he told us to do the extra mile and smile. I had this interpretation that in the course of our work, we are being paid by our dues so we can do anything as long as its what we're supposed to do. no smiling needed. and I get that. But what I realize after is that smiling, it doesn't take much energy, actually much less than frowning and it helps in giving our best self to what we do. with almost always positive endings. I find it helpful because it allows me to be graceful under great pressure. Our job then wasn't the most thrilling. Patients grew scared and angry and agitated at the mere sight of us and smiling, really helped me and the patients as well. I know it's hard to smile at situations that we're always in so if you can't smile full blow with teeth and dimples on the side, like Tyra Banks always say. Smize. Smile with your eyes. I bet you'll feel better. 

5. Stronger Faith

I think this part comes naturally to all of us. My friends and I, we visit this church everyday after class because trust me , everyday is a struggle in MedSchool. My belief was and always have been that God will never put anything in our hearts that wasn't meant for us to achieve. So beyond almost failing and giving up the dream, I came around and I followed my heart, and until now God has nothing but supportive of all my efforts. Sure there will be moments of doubts and many many failures but if you have this faith that you strengthen every waking day, there'll come a time there will be no room for heartache and pain because you failed, only room for more hope that you could be better.

That's not the only faith I want to talk about but that surely is more important. I'm also talking about Faith in yourself mostly and faith to others. Knowing that you can do it + you really can do it add up to the fact that you are more than what you think you just are. And believing that others too can makes it easier to trust someone and allowing you to be both brilliant. Give others always the benefit of the doubt. Give them chance to prove themselves because two heads are always better than one. 

6. Selective Positive Absorbance

A lot of different energy surrounds us. There's the emotional one at the corner, there's the raging person banging at the locker, there's this professor that sounds too agitated and scowls a lot. You don't want them affecting you throughout the day. Filter the power that you absorb and select only those that will make you feel better or sometimes shape your day. Don't absorb it all, you're not Spongebob and even if you let it, you'll lose focus and you won't be able to handle it anymore. This, again, is within your power to take control. 

7. Moving out of Mediocrity

This can do won't do. If you've chosen which to invest your time and energy to, might as well do your best shot. Never settle for enough, only settle for the best. Because when you move out of mediocrity, you shine, and boy do you shine bright. 

8. Ignoring insecurities and Building your Brilliance

People who put their insecurities before them are weak because you know what, all of us are brim full of insecurities even the prettiest and smartest person in your class. but what they do best was to put it behind them, focus on what makes them stand out and build on that. Even shoving it to your insecure full self to feed even more. Why would you do settle for that when you can put it all behind you and ignore them? Find your best quality and invest on it? Nothing? jack of all trades and master of none? so what! Choose what you want to be looked at and create it. build it and flourish it. the insecurities behind you will slowly depreciate. 

9. Self Competition

Competition is not always healthy. ever heard of the term Grade-Conscious (GC) well, its bad enough that you keep comparing yourself to others when you're not even on the same level of brilliance right? He's probably awesome at Economics, you however is an infinite source of creative literary juices. Yes, knowing where you stand is an advantage, but knowing where you stand to take more advantage, that's a different story. When you compete, compete with yourself. Persevere to do greater than last time. If you get an 89 for a project, work harder of a 95 next quarter. Your seat mate should never have a take on your equation. Because what if he got an 82, will you settle for an 85 just because you measure yourself by the measure of other? 

10. Give In but Never Give Up

Indulge Friends because at long last, you made it to the end. But endings aren't always endings. They are also beginnings. So never give up. You are one step ahead. Remember though, to always give in to what is good NOT what YOU think is good. Give in to Love, to Hope, to Memories, to Living Life to the fullest. You deserve it. BUT never give up because this journey is long and tiresome and scary and full of self doubts and you can only survive if you have the tenacity to move forward and return back to square one. ASPIRE. 

I guess I only meant one thing: Do your best because the only path it creates is UP. 

Friends, I'm aware that not all school year starts with the same month, so its really all up to you. jumble it, go religiously with it, doesn't matter as long as you do it. be it the mantra you follow. If you've read it up to here, I guess that's a good sign. I hope this helps. Because it did for me. Good luck to all of us about to struggle with another school year, may the force be with all of us!


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