Friday, May 30, 2014

Friday Click Fest: All Things Are Difficult Before They Are Easy

Click Fest? It's a collection of very sensible links to some cool, hopefully useful but mostly just awesome goodies that are life hack worthy. And If I could keep this up, this is definitely going in the Friday routine. 

All Things Are Difficult Before They Are Easy? What was that about? Since I cannot totally name all Friday Click Fest, Friday Click Fest, I thought I'll just differentiate the weeks by quotes like All Things Are Difficult Before They Are Easy by Thomas Fuller. we learn both ways, win win! (I'm rambling, am I?) Anyway! 

Click #1: I just happened to cross this very beautiful illustration in Pinterest, turns out its a GIF and later realised I was already liking and pinning all Oamul pins. Here are some of the enormous awesomeness that is:


Click #2: I have been following Marc and Angel since they post the best life advices but this one just got me straight to the bulls eye of my heart. Be inspired. 20 Tiny Thoughts Crushing Your Dream

Click #3: Don't know what to do? this will tell you

Click #4: To all book nerds out there, this goes to all of you. Free ebook downloads!

Click #5: Here's how you can create little miracles. She sure knows what she's doing!

Hey you guys, wasn't all that cool? and amazing? totally life-hack-worthy stuff? I think so too.
If you know some links that are click worthy, punch it in the comments below and you sure I'll check it out! 


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