Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Feature: School Bag Stories

I always have this major problem when school starts. I'm not crazy about shoes or pens or new notebooks, I am crazy with which bags to use. I'm not a purse person. I carry lots of stuff in my bag. I don't leave without my planner, at least a pen, my wallet and my vanity kit. So I need a spacious bag. So I rounded it up to my favorite top 5 bags I would definitely use to school. 

Blue Polka Dot Cath Kidston Bag + Coach Legacy Mini Leather Shoulder Bag 
I already have them so its fair to put it on my list, don't you think? 

Rucksack Vintage Backpacks
I'm a sucker for Rucksack BPs because they look boho and I love how it comes in different aztec, floral and vintage prints. They're spacious enough but not too bulky as well. 


Fairness Backpack and Lately Backpack Pearl from Roxy
I needed a fairly strong bag that can carry my stuff. The thick books and other non related school stuff. My clothes too! without sacrificing style and without looking like grade school.


All of the Gold Tote Mint + Tan Perforated Tote Bag
This kind of bags allows me to bring papers without crumpling them since they're wide and tall. 
Plus look at that details! 


Michael Korrs Handbags in Pink Pastel and Royal Blue
These don't have a lot of outside pockets and they look so clean and elegant, sturdy too. If I bring them to school, I'll be carrying my books in hand. It goes well with my white uniform too. 


What's your bag must-have's? what's your crazy-I-need-to-have before school officially start? Punch them in!

PS. Hey guys, I was lost for quite a while with no stock post scheduled for when I can't I've been really sick but I will make it up to all of you. just keep digging! Love you all!


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