Friday, June 13, 2014

Click Fest: We Are What We Think

We Are What We Think

Hello guys, sorry to have missed last Friday's Clickfest, I hope the last set was as helpful or even half as fun as I thought it was anyway, click on and indulge!

Click #1: I have been following Plumpinay ever since I came across their blog. Even during my most down days in blogging, I came through thanks to Instagram but now that I'm back, they seemed to be even more happier and successful from when they began. Think along the lines of clothing line, podcast and so much more of BODY LOVE. They advocate love for body whatever size you are.

Click #2: Here's another woman to look up to. Intelligent and Beautiful inside and out. She's everything I wish I would have been if I led my other life. Meg Magazine Editor-at-Large, Newspaper Columnist, Host and very well travelled. She's one hell of superwoman on her own. Bianca Gonzales baby!

Click #3: Speaking of well travelled, I never thought travelling could be a profession until Sab, who's now in Berlin btw. A post about Siargao (I can't help but be proud whenever my country is on the spotlight!) led me to her blog and from then on, I immersed myself to the luxury not all of us could have, her travel diaries. One day.. one day when money wouldn't be a problem.

Click #4: Enough of my beautiful specie, I've been an avid reader of his blog back to the time I was as crazy as anyone could be in Tumblr. Good Photography skills. check. Very nice in person. check (I never did muster to talk to him even though he told me I could approach him anytime, I was so starstrucked then!) and his post are just awe-inspiring. Check LitratoniJuan Project Portraits and other mini projects or just browse over the beautiful photos and be inspired!!!

Click #5: Something to quench your thirst while moving outside your comfort coffee. There's a lot of recipe to choose from! Starbucks > CBTL.

Hey guys, I know that's a lot of blog inspiration but I swear, you could learn so much from them. I also noticed there's overflowing hormones with these post, I'll try to balance that out next time! Enjoy!


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