Friday, June 13, 2014

8 Must Installed Apps in your Device

In a digitalized world we live in, its actually impossible to find someone who doesn't own an iPhone or an Android device. And with all the technology making our world spin, shouldn't we maximize them according to our needs? Too much for introduction, friends! I present to you the 8 Must Installed Apps in your device that will make our lives not just easier but also more interesting than it already is.

1. File Manager

Whether you're part of the work force or a struggling student File Manager will help you in organizing your files viewable to you in the easiest and most productive way possible. Whether it be powerpoint, word files, pdfs, name it. more than just a tool to view your files, it also serves as storage device for your piling documents you downloaded from the internet.

2. Dictionary

I find this one very helpful and very handy especially when I come across words to which context clues is unable to help. Many may not understand why I have to include this in my list but it has been such a great help for me and I think a lot of bibliophile would have to agree. It makes the world a little less complicated than it seem (which has been my goal ever since. no surprise there.)

3. Viber, Line etc., 


In a world where wireless fidelity is the fuel, why pay extra to communicate? More than just sending text messages, apps like Viber allows its audience the extra experience that words alone cannot send. Voice messages, Pictures, Emoticons heighten the over all idea of sending in your message. and for free. 

4. Photo Editors like EffectBuilder and Rookie
Today is the generation of #selfie and Intsagram. This apps allows you to enhance and collate your pictures that may not be important but impeccable if you want to stay on the top of everything. There's a lot of similar apps but these are my personal choice as they contains diverse collections of stickers, filters and effects that make wordography instagram worthy! 

5. 8tracks

What's a place without music, is a just a dull space. Live your moment with your soundtrack as your background. Its an online radio which contains playlist created by its online community. Search for your drift, or better yet creat one! Pause and play them while studying, exercising or even when you're just doing the dishes. It makes the world a better place.

6. Duolingo

I know that this has got nothing to do with productivity at all. but instead of playing games and just winning coins or leveling up in unlimited candy crush challenge while literally wasting time, use it to learn another language. So far I just passed Spanish for beginners and that's time well spent. 

7. Planner Plus

Most iPads and iPhones already have a planner and though this may work for many, it still has a lot of features to improve on. Planner plus is a great companion to very busy and OC people I know. Its not much but what's wrong with a back up plan?

8. Calorie Counter and Diet Tracker

for the fit and health conscious people, this is a great app to monitor your food intake and the amount of calories you take in. I had a good use of this app in NutriFest, an activity by the Biochemistry department in our school. I was very strict with it at first but I had less time to waste and compute for my food intake, I gradually decline. However, for those super serious with getting fit, aside from other exercise apps, this should definitely be of help. 

Right, so did your apps make it? If not, download them and fast! I've been saving another Must Installed Apps Part 2 for my fellow students. Watch out for it. any suggestion, comment, violent reactions? punch them in the comment section below. I am dying to hear from you readers, entertain me! The world maybe my stage but feedback from you guys would be a huge delight. 


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