Friday, May 23, 2014

Feature: 10 TV Series that's keeping my tabs full

Hi everyone! I'm pretty sure I am boring you out with all these book covers and reviews I've got going, and brace yourselves for there's a lot more coming! I haven't been out doing a lot of food adventures, so I guess that huge chunk is going to have to wait. I however am still very active in Looloo especially for my Filipino readers, its just, its a lot of work and I really haven't found the time. But I will see to it that we fullfill that very empty METRO tab above with delicious post from my various food trip sooner!

On the other hand I have compiled all the TV series that's been bleeding out my internet connection! (I don't download, I stream online.) Though a few of them are finished and nearly not renewed for another season, they sure has been doing my fill of lazy days and TV Marathons before school officially starts near the end of June. I have been enjoying them alternating watching them when the others are in hiatus or preparing for another mind blowing new season, who knows right? Let's get rolling then!

The TV Series that tops my list? (oh yeah, I am so going there! I don't like the suspense and I am always straight to the point) is none other than:

1. The Big Bang Theory

Would you have guessed? I personally think this deserves the top spot. Well, they've just been renewed for three more seasons! eat that! Sheldon Cooper and the gang has definitely some scientific and very rational explanation of how this turns out to be but I'll leave the explaining to them, really.

You don't believe me? watch this:

2. House MD

This is the reason why I can't and wouldn't watch Grey's Anatomy. I know they're two different storylines, and I shouldn't even go comparing both shows and I'm hearing the latter's really an impressive show all on its own, but you see, I have always wanted to be a physician and watching House just made me want to be one more. I once remember one classmate of mine told me that a lot of people enter MedSchool because they liked what they see in Grey's Anatomy, well hell. House is my version. Though believe me, Medschool is not looking much good and much like the series from here.

The series ended with 8 boomtastic season and that is saying something my dear friends, the writers of this show must be hell bent on research for them to actually pull this kind of series.
House + Wilson = LOVE

3. Once Upon A Time

So from shipping Emma and the Hunter, and then realizing the Hunter is never coming back and then came Hook, you know charming his way into her stone cold heart, I say I am a well proclaimed Captain Swan Shipper!

True, I love Jennifer Morrison even from when she was still Dr. Cameron from House, and yes, there's a lot of reccuring themes that seem to bore a lot of people down like Hope, all those are essential to build and develop the characters. And well now I have this feeling tugging in my mind that the story created by Kitsis and Horowitz are somehow more close to the truth than the plain old fairytale I grew up reading and hearing and watching. and that makes this TV series a really and epically (if there's such a word) good one.

Ooh. I may love Emma, but I love Regina aka the Evil Queen more.
Still, this kiss got me hooked, and betcha you do too:

4. Hannibal

Gruesome, I know. However all the cannibalism featured here does not match its own cinematography. Fuller has done an incredulous job of recreating another preference point to see Will Graham and Hannibal Lecter. Watching this is like watching a movie. The effort to create the whole design is so magnificent, its giving me goose bumps. Not to mention there's a lot of food and really beautiful plating involved.

Note however, this series is full of psychiatric deep stuff, I need to actually read reviews to fully comprehend what just happened. They also name the episodes after some good food too.

5. How I Met your Mother

YES! YES! YES! Spoiler Alert. I don't hate how this series end but I guess, there could have been a better way to actually end it without being downright, I don't know pressure to give it a twist. Still, this deserves to be in the top 5 because I love the interaction of the whole gang. I love Josh Radnor! and don't we all hope to find our own Ted Mosby sooner?

whatever, this is my favorite episode I am posting it.

6. The Walking Dead

This, I pretty much did not decide on. Too much gore and blood and zombies. too apocalyptic but my sibling are really pushing it, landing it on #6, why? well except for Lauren Cohan, there's just too much unexpected thing going on and its so hard to get over those stuff especially when they start killing off some cool characters y'all (yeah, Hershel Greene friends.) then there's this sudden character development and there's just too much to catch on. Or that's what my brother said in his haste. 

7. The Originals

It just ended its first season, but what a blasting season 1 that was. The writers obviously has no restraint for killing and there's just no end to all this twist, my mind is whirling already. Plus, Joseph Morgan aka Klaus and Daniel Gillies aka the noble Elijah, Yes please! The Originals is a spin-off of The Vampire Diaries.

8. The Vampire Diaries

If you're going to watch The Originals, you might as well begin with where it started it all, just so you won't get lost with all the hybrid + Witch + werewolves stuff going around.

Though they retained a show on their own, TVD has been repeating the same sequence since Elena turned vampire, its kind of losing its magic and now that I've actually witnessed some Delena action, well, what can I asked for more? except maybe for more? this whole "Us Against the Universe" maybe turning a bit stale but with Damon, oh Damon now sucked into the unknown abyss, there's something to actually ask for.

9. Pretty Little Liars

With Alison already with the Liars side (or so we are made to think, I mean wasn't Mona supposed to be A, then now its freakin' Ezra, poor Aria!) does this change the A game?
I've watched this from pilot episode to the 4th season finale. And this show just know how to keep its audience hanging for more. I just hope Spoby remains strong!

10. Hart of Dixie

This series is such a breather. Now, there are rumors that season 4 will be the last and final season. I hope not. This is such a feel good series, its so nice to actually watch something that doesn't keep you guessing neither keeps your heart pumpin, well except for some Zade time, we wouldn't mind. and I just have to keep an eye on those wardrobe of Zoe Hart, she's so stylish!

I know this maybe like some short list and biased. well, where's Game of Thrones you may ask or Grey's Anatomy, Sherlock, Dr. Who and many, many more, trust me I do want to pitch them in, but not knowing how I would and may have liked it wouldn't be honest at all. And a lot of my feel good series doesn't even made it. 2 Broke Girls for one, New Girl and Jane by Design.

As for Game of Thrones, a lot of my friends have been urging me to see them, I did and it was kind of too much for my taste. so yeah, maybe I will try see it again, who knows, but for now 10 series to follow was a bit overflowing and overbearing don't you think? yeah. I thought so too.

Hope I persuaded some of you guys, and maybe you could suggest some other series that I would like as well, who knows? pitch them in the comment section below and I'll look at it!


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