Sunday, July 13, 2014

Playlist: Sentimental

Hey guys! I know I haven't been really fully updated, and the book reviews I'm about to flood you in after this will scarcely be new and I really have no excuse for the lack of ideas to post. I know that as much as Med School is really a good excuse for my soon month long hiatus, I still think saying it over and over again is lame but I still have to because its practically legitimate. Also, my lack of presence + soul + drive in writing has been on the down low ever since I started to refocus my energy which is both a good and a bad thing. But here's what I have in mind:

  • I am remarkable Project is still going to be a huge part of my posts this coming months. I am aiming for 100 I am remarkable reasons even though we do know there's really a lot more. for the sake of deadline and finish lines. Right now, as of posting I am currently at number 12
  • Fill in the Gap Project is definitely still on: boo yeah! Finished my first book! Posting the classic review later and updating my page so you could keep track. 99 books to go!!
  • Friday Clickfest will be gone for a while. I really have no energy, if you want I'll give link for WebMD and Mayo Clinic and the likes but oh who are we kidding, you might even leave if I ever do that (I can read your mind, you!)
  • I am pretty sure that Playlists will always be up and about because I study good with Music on my background and it doesn't really take time to list down food for my soul. (admit it, you love it)
and lastly,
  • I will try my hardest and best-est (I know, couldn't help but emphasize it more though.) to come up with features + food for the brain once in a freaking while when time and space and love and inspiration allows me to. which I swear, I am nothing short of. Daydreaming are the sands that fills up the small gap of the bottle that is my life.
Sounds good, right? and I promise to brainstorm at my free time and fill up my blog journal so when free time comes, Im stocked! You wouldn't even notice I was gone. not that you really would notice!
I just learned that most of my blog views were spammers(!) I was so sad but then remembered the wisdom of Alexandra Franzen and I wasn't anymore. This is my stage. and only all my best to continue spreading my light until it reach even those who are in the darkest part of this entire earth, its going crazy! 

So yeah! that was a lot of energy for a playlist that aims to lull you to sleep. Hope you enjoy all the food for your broken souls! btw, you wouldn't believe how awesome the track list for PLL's 100th episode which was OMG astounding for a series who's beginning to sound sleepy! Listen friends, super worth it. I'll post the tracks in my next post and let's all get repaired piece by piece. (just had to let that out. No twitter to shout it out. take note. this was drafted way before this was published.)

I will miss you so much, I can see from here, how its going to be painful both for two things: School definitely and for not being able to do the thing I loved most. Stay cool!


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