Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Playlist: Broad Spectrum

Hi guys! Its been a while wasn't it? I've been really busy with all school-related stuff since summer is almost over. Aside from that, I've been doing my eldest-sister duties while I still can because I turn out to be the bitchiest when school begins (STRESS!), good thing I was still able to compile some beautiful music to soothes our nerves during times like this. Something to spin when the traffic is unbearable or just as background sounds for when you're studying. Weather's been really crazy this past few days. Its raining crazy one day, super sunny the next, anyway, well these songs can't be fazed by any kind of weather. John Mayer is becoming a mainstay in my playlists and well, Ben Rector, I am the ultimate fan, are you persuaded just yet? Hope you guys liked it anyway! 

Pardon my obsession for giraffes, long necks are my passion. 

Share your playlist with me, I'm dying for some new tunes to get addicted to. Music is my drug.


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