Sunday, June 8, 2014


I've been lagging with my posts lately by worrying how I'll be able to come by once Academic year begins. But fret not, I'm not in the midst of such turmoil to shut down. 
Anyway, I just wanted to share this short of information I just learned while attending Mass last Saturday:

If I remember it right and heard correctly there are three different levels of Eucharistic celebration and if my memory serves me well, in  descending order, Solemnity, Feast and Memoriam. Pentecost which was celebrated last Sunday is one of the highest celebration in the Church Calendar and there are ways to recognise these events and the most evident would be the number of candles lighted on each side of the altar (3 for Solemnity and so on.) I also learned that The Descent of the Holy Spirit is the starting point of the Acts of the Apostles and therefore the birth of the Church. Now why am I sharing all of this facts? I'm a devout catholic to all of you who doesn't know but more than that I believe that if we understand something a little better, we learn to believe a lit bit firmer. Its hard to keep the faith to something that we understand so little about and I guess, that's what the Church is for. More than preaching the Word of God and continuing the tradition, its the Church who is tasked to enlighten people so they too would follow Christ. 

I know its kind of out of the blue but I've been dying to share that piece because I just felt the need to. and now its all out. So, moving on friends, I've got some list for you that you might not even notice I was gone. 

Actually, its similar to #100happyday project which I never get to do before because I don't need to see or do things to make me happy because I already am. I mean this is the experience of a lifetime. Medschool. Books. Sleep. Food!( I guess that was what I was thinking.) On the other brighter hand, this project focuses more on the individuality of each person. More like a vitamin boost. As I've said earlier, acknowledging what you are capable of makes the difference. I'm calling it the #imremarkable project. what makes an individual, you, remarkable? unique in a world where everything conforms to the trend? At the beginning I thought its going to be solely for the benefit of women. but as my list progress, I think Men can also start to relate. its a good workout for the mind and the spirit.

and lastly, I know you guys are tired of hearing my thoughts, however it is relevant that I announce that I'm finally, finally after much resistance that I caved in to the TFIOS bandwagon and I'm actually in the phase wherein I am doing my best to eliminate good bias about the book but so far, I am not jerking any tears. I will reserve all my comments for the book review but do know that the only reason I am reading it is not out of curiosity for the too good to be true reviews but because I want to have read the book before seeing the film so I can justify my well worth claim that there are certain books that should stay as they are because they lost sanctity when they're interpreted for you. (still not a fan of Shailene Woodley btw and I am still opposed to her being Mary Jane. Emma is my girl!) 

I guess I'm boring you to death. anyway, you still have all my love readers!


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