Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Its Something About You..

I have always been fascinated with how answering a series of questions can predict what you are or how you would most likely react when placed in a different situation. Its fun having to read about yourself in words very complementing of your personality and attitude.

I've had my fair share of answering different kind of test ranging from Who Pretty Little Liars Are You to the compilation of Kokology Tests but the most accurate test I have taken (well aside from those given in school that are validated) I took online.

 Ever heard of Talentoday? I think, there was a point when everyone in Facebook was taking the test. The test however was quite long and a bit repetitive. but I know from Clinical Epidemiology that such questions are used to acknowledge whether the subject is serious in taking the exam, or aiming for a result that is positive and will give him a head start to being employed. In any case, Talentoday has a very organized way of presenting its results in a way that any individual can understand. Its compartmenting also allows the subject to know unto which area should he should try to improve or he is already excelling in. It allows its audience to be aware of the environment he works best in and which they are unconscious of. 

Here are my results:

Pretty extensive huh?

Most were pretty true. I hate being part of a group project before because I tend to do all of the tasks and I was so sure before that I was doing a great job. and that was just one thing I was unconscious of.

Now I know that it may not work for everyone and other test may better describe you. Still, its the way you see and look at things that changes how we see ourselves. Yes, its fun, but don't let it dictate what you should become. I have this tendency to imitate what I see around me. I guess that was why I keep on taking these test. To not lose sight of myself. Maybe it was good for a short while but after sometime you revert back to being the chameleon of the situation that you're in. 

Same thing goes for horoscopes. and zodiac signs. Because those astrologers just have to insinuate that a person's personality is affected based on the different day and year one was born like that would affect a person's growth and individuality. I take no offense however to what I've said because like many of you who believe in the stars, I'm as much of a fan. I even have these email subscription that keeps sending me invitations for tarot reading! (I have to figure out how to unsubscribe.) There was a time I move towards the becoming of those petty predictions and even though they don't go the way they were supposed to, I still kept on reading just because its still fun. I'm not saying its wrong to read and believe in them. Each person his own. read at your own risk. But letting it rule our lives and be the embodiment of words alone, that's a different story. Don't we all want that our persona be the words? Let the words remain the definition that define who we are. Personality Test or Horoscope aside. 

But seriously, try Talentoday now and know your edge. Nothing to lose and yet all to gain. 


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