Friday, June 20, 2014

ClickFest: There is no sin but Stupidity

There is no sin but Stupidity
-Oscar Wilde

Hey again guys, is it just me or this clickfest helping me dig some more hidden gems? Anyway, I'm hoping you are all feeling inspired, with another week that has passed, time sure does flies and fast! Here's your set of clickables for the week!

Click #1: Need some visual inspiration? Try Life After Breakfast. She holds workshops for her different crafts. and she also creates monthly calendars you could print and use. Check this one out!

Click #2: For my fellow bibliophiles, another gift! Free ebook downloads!

Click #3: Feeling artsy with your nails? Coolest nail art blog is here with her easy to follow tutorials as well. Oh, I wish I have my nails as my canvass sometimes. 

Click #4: My favorite animator back during Tumblr days, I checked his blog again and so it seems that he's on hiatus. He said he'll be back (cross fingers!) but for now, he has a long list of gifs and cute drawings you could totally goad at. He and his wimpydrawings are so awesome we long for his return!

Click #5: Here's for the artsy and OC combined. Life hack worthy tips to organizing your stuff. 

I figured this week didn't balance all the hormones last time but Im pretty sure all the artsy stuff here are totally worth the glimpse. check them out and let me know what you think! Happy clicking!!


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