Saturday, May 17, 2014

Drumroll Please

I once read that if i want to be famous, successful and booked 'til forever, I must operate like the world is listening. Never holding back. and sooner will people gather to bask on my own light. 

So from a Ranting Rampage Page that my blog used to be, I finally have the courage to re-open and restart my way into sharing what I've learned from my life adventures. I was thinking along the lines of a travel diary. I've read and followed so many travel blogs, and browse through a lot of travel magazines as well, and I realised, I am damned if was to pursue this kind of life. My life mission was to be a physician and I'm already one step ahead to the road of becoming one and I am not to give that up, yet and at the same time I still want to provide information to mankind. So I said, why not a book blog. I mean, i can manage to read 50 books a year, or more, what's holding me back? O yeah, time restraint. 10 out of my 12 months is spent reading textbooks and meager time to even have a me-time. I only get to finish my reading challenge in Goodreads in the whole span of Summer. So with all those factor already in mind, my friend suggested why not just write about MedSchool Life and help other doctor dreamers to their path. Be the inspiration. i could go all out. write to my hearts content. That was the purpose of it all right? to be able to touch lives by my writing. But this is where I draw the line. It may sound selfish but my life isn't open for public. I think that was the mistake that lead to my previous demise. I want this blog to be a reliable source of reviews, a place to discover new hidden gems and most especially a place that people go to so they can get a random Love punch or even just a slight push and confidence boost. 

That's when everything falls into place: I want it to be a lifestyle blog. Its a mixture of everything. Music + Movies + Food + Books + Roadtrips and even a hint of Love and Courage to push through. 

I learned from the same woman that Courage is Love under Pressure and I have been living to this mantra since forever. and you know what, my love and passion for writing has been fuelling my courage to this whole blog to come up and start running again while showering people with Love this time around. 


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